Monday, July 12, 2010

Yay, yay, yay! Happy Bags are now offered with free worldwide shipping!

What a happy day! All Happy Bags are now shipped free of charge! It doesn't matter if you life next door from me or on the other side of world - shipping is free!

Follow this link to find the SmileMolecules Happy Bags:

I even listed a new Happy Bag.

Say hello to "Happy Bag Stripes 'n' Dots"! So mature outside, but party inside!

Friday, July 9, 2010

How We Met Our "Inner Pig Dog"

Hello, hello and welcome to this belated blog post! This was is overdue for about six days. Shame on me! I wanted to write about our fun time at flea markets and craft markets last weekend. Last monday I started a first try to write this entry but somehow the "writing bug" didn't bite me at all so I postponed writing to the next day and then again to the day after and so on.

So no beating the cat around the bush (love this saying) and lets get down to business!

Yes, yes what a lovely day. Expected temperatures: well over 98°F (36°C). Late morning Birgit, our friend Jules and me got prepared to hit the most exciting flea market / craft market / district festival the city of Leipzig has to offer: Westpaket!

About Westpaket I could write a whole entry but I'll try to make it short and sweet. Originally, a "Westpaket" (west parcel) used to be a parcel sent from people of Western Germany (Federal Republic of Germany) to their friends and relatives in Eastern Germany (German Democratic Republic). These parcels usually contained clothes, chocolate, coffee and toys. Moreover, the parcels were a way to communicate as phone calls between both parts of Germany were restricted and only few people in Eastern German had access to phones (and almost all phone calls were intercepted anyways). Overall a "Westpaket" can be seen as a way of exchange and communication, but also friendship, cooperativeness and solidarity.

The "Westpaket" market is just that. People meet, exchange what they collected or made and just have a good time together. I only took a very few photos as I as so busy looking at things.

At one of the stalls they sold big sticks of chalk and also had some sticks of chalk to try out immediately. No need to ask Birgit twice. She drew our SmileMolecules logo an Etsy shop address on the pavement: 

As nice as it looks.... can't be compared to this guy though (true soccer fan, drawing shows the excitement before the soccer match Germany/Argentina):

My favorite photo motif though is the "inner pig dog". I believe this saying is only known in the German language. So what is an "inner pig dog"?! To explain I'll try to translate some points of the German Wikipedia about the "Innerer Schweinehund". The term "inner pig dog" is an allegory of lack of will power (and/or motivation), which inhibits a person to pursue an unpleased job/activity/task. Usually the saying is "you gotta overcome your inner pig dog". Does that make sense to you? 

So how did we meet the inner pig dog and what does it look like? At the Westpaket it looked like this:

First I thought it's a scary and creepy chicken. When I took the photo the guy who sat next it asked what I'd think it is. I instantly and without thinking answered "It's an inner pig dog!" and I was right! For guessing correctly we got jelly babies. Only when I looked at the photos at home I realized the body does not have wings and the legs don't have chicken claws. The longer I thought about it the more it made sense. The inner pig dog sat on the step of Theater Bus. Now, what does this mean? I believe you got to overcome your inner pig dog to engage yourself with theater. At least this is my interpretation. What do you think?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Recap And Weekend Outlook

What a day! Today our printable To-Do list got featured in the printable roundup on OnePrettyThing! How exciting! I'm so happy I can share my list with so many people!

In the early afternoon I listed a crochet circle brooch on Etsy which I just finished this morning.

I like the brooch a lot as the circles are tightly sewn together and stay in shape nicely. The choice of colors was rather random. Usually I just grab into my yarn box and let destiny decide. Sometimes I grab one color randomly and match the other colors. Lately I also started to collect pictures which nice colors. I put them in a folder on my computer screen use them for inspiration.

Some minutes ago I listed my first bag. The type of bag I named "Happy Bag".  I know, it's a pretty stupid name but it makes me so happy to make them! The listed bag is ready-to-ship and it needs all my strength not to use it myself. I felt I had to point out in the product description that I could not sell anything I wouldn't use myself. It is true! I still use the first prototype of the "Happy Bag". I'm still amazed how much can be put into the bag... and how nice it looks on my arm!

Now it is almost bedtime but one last thing I gotta say: I'm so excited for the weekend! Two lovely markets will take place in Leipzig and I just can't wait to visit them. The bigger and little bit more exciting one will take place on saturday and is called "Westpaket". I hope to write more about it next week. I'm planning to take my camera (and my prototype bag) with me. On sunday I'll be quite busy. In the late morning I'll visit the "Daschendiescher" market with is a small but very well selected craft market. In the afternoon I'll have to split myself in half as I got two BBQ invitations. I hope I'll make it to both! 

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