Monday, June 21, 2010

We ♥ To-Do Lists - Download The SmileMolecules To-Do-List

Yes, we love To-Do lists!

I write one every day and I can't understand why not everybody has one. To me, To-Do lists are fun – not because I see the many tasks I need to accomplish, but to feel good about the things I've already done. On my To-Do lists, I even put tiny tasks or things I do on a regular basis (like walking the dog). No matter how tiny the task is, it still needs to be done so it is just fair to have them on the list.
Some people argue that they cannot have a To-Do list as they forget where they put it and then forget about the list and its tasks at all. When I'm at home, my list is on my desk, usually near the keyboard.

Some time ago, I discovered I have even more fun to work with a To-Do list when I have a nice looking list. So I sat down and made one. Now I think it is time to share!

This is what it looks like (click the link below to download):

Click here to automatically download the SmileMolecules To-Do list (an empty window will pop up, just check your downloads folder)

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