Monday, June 14, 2010

Mission Smile: The Piano Player

Birgit and me came up with SmileMolecules to cause smiles and thus help to make the world tiny bit better.  We try to achieve this with our goodies, but also with "random good deeds". I think we should start documenting our random good deeds and I think our blog is the perfect spot to do that. Let's call it "Mission Smile". I intend to have this as a (more or less) regular entry.
The idea behind this mission is pretty simple. Apparently it is darn easy for people to complain but it also seems close to impossible to point out anything good. I believe this habit causes so much bad energy and really is a killer for happiness. It is like being stuck in a doom loop and we are tired of it. So let's step up to break the doom loop and cause smiles!


Mission Smile – The Piano Player

Case story:
Some time last year a young woman moved into our house. When I passed by her door I heard her playing piano. From what I could tell she played really well and professional. The walls in our house are rather thin and mutual respect is required. I never heard her playing during midday or in the evenings.

Earlier this year a letter was put up on the message board of the house. It was a letter of the young piano player. When I read it I couldn't believe my eyes. Apparently, someone put a letter with the rules of the house written in Russian in her mail box. I believe her name leads people to the assumption that she is from some eastern Europe country. She pointed out that she feels appalled since she is not Russian and does speak proper German. Moreover, she does not wish hear knocks on her wall when she plays piano since she never plays at inappropriate times. She wrote that she is a student of classical music and daily practice is mandatory for her. If anyone has a problem with her playing she wishes to be addressed in person so she can schedule her playing according to the needs of her neighbors.

I was shocked and sad that this happens in my house. I tried to guess which neighbor could be rude enough to behave like that and I really can't figure it out and this shocks me even more. Apparently nice people turn in such dicks (sorry, I really can't think of any other word).

So did we do?
At the weekend I sat with Birgit in her room for some crafting with the window open. It was a lovely day with nice warm (but not too warm) weather. We heard playing and it was lovely. She played light and cheerful while we crafted. She made us smile so we felt we have to let her know that she just did something nice. So we stopped with our actual projects to make a card. I took some photos of Birgit making it.

Over the flower we wrote "Thank you for the music" but forgot the take a photo of it. The back says "We enjoy your music. When you play our windows are open". I put the card into her mail box. Actually I wanted to push it under her door but we a have a small step in front of the door so there is no gap to push through the card. I hope we made her smile anyways! 

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  1. Well done, girls!!
    Acts of random kindness are very welcome in this world!



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