Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tidy Up Entry - Monitor My Progress!

Today I want to try something new. I need to tidy my room. It is WAY too crammed. As I'm a rather lazy little bug, I think I'll need some supervision. I took photos of all the ugly corners that need to be sorted. As soon as I'll be done with one little task I'll log it in this post (at least I hope so). Will I managed to work it out within one day?

Here are my ugly corners:

Behind the door I keep most of my bags. At least half of them I don't need on a regular basis. They need to go somewhere else. 

This is where I usually drop things and never remove them. Time to find a better solution!

Would you believe there are only four hooks to hang stuff? I use this spot at I'm too lazy to put my stuff into the closet. Now I'm blushing. 

I really don't know what to do here! I'd like to keep the boxes (you never know what they might be good for!). But they can't stay there. 

Half of the stash of my magazines. Actually, I'd like to keep them (you never know what they might be good for! I said that before, didn't I?). They take up too much space so they need to go.

The space behind my sewing machine. I don't necessarily need that space but it looks so messy. I have a clue where to put it though.

Last, but not least: my desk. Constantly packed, constantly untidy. I have a feeling this one is going to be a failure today. Duh!

10.02 AM:
Bag corner is tidied. Quicker than I thought. Yay! You don't really see a difference? The stuffy backpacks are gone! Where? Now they are hidden in a big trunk in the corridor. Not sure if that was a good idea. At least they are out of my tiny room.

10.21 AM:
The chest drawer looks tidier. I have a feeling I should be tiding the drawers as well. Hmm well, maybe not (now).

10.43 AM:
Way bigger challenge than I thought it would be. I took two photos of the pile I took of the hangers - and deleted them accidentally. Four hangers can actually hold 5 woolen cardigans, 6 sweaters, one dress, one small ironing board, one camera bag, one tripod, a small purse, two fabric bags, a medium size tote bag and a big plastic tote bag in which are 3 more plastic bags filled with kipple. This is what my door looks like now:

10.59 AM:
That was fast again. Birgit "offered" me some space under her bed for the boxes. Well, she didn't really offer the space. I rather begged her not to throw away the boxes.

11.50 AM:
Tough one! I packed my magazines (about 110 issues) to four heavy piles to throw them out later. This kinda hurts to throw them out but it made room for the stuff and is blocking the space behind my sewing machine. I left one box on the table and the rest went to the empty space below the desk. 

2.04 PM:
DONE!!!!! I even managed to tidy desk. Only a tiny pile is left but that's ok. Later I might move some furniture to find a new place for my giant yarn box. Lalala I'm done!!!!


  1. Oh my, that does look like a much needed clean up! But I notice how if you clean it you, you have alot of great spaces to take beautiful pictures of your beautiful products!

  2. You can continue tomorrow at my desk. It's quite more challenging than yours. I also have some other little messy surprizes...

  3. @MissusD: Thank you! Photos in my room don't work too well. Mostly I have to add light as my room faces north/east direction. My sisters room works great though. Also, I became really fond of my parents' garden for taking photos. Unfortunately, they live about 100km way from me.

    @Flaminga: Tempting!! I love putting my nose into other people's stuff. Unfortunately tomorrow I'm going to sew a purse ;)



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