Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Challenging Shots – Dog and Toddler Taking Over The Set

Long time no post! What happened? Well, weather is nice and work spirits are high (not so high for Birgit as she preparing for exams). I've been a busy bee though. During the last week I made some of my favorite bags (oh, how much I love to make them!). I can make one bag a day. If my dog would require my attention I could make two. No way to blame him though. He is just too cute and lovely. I mean, could you mad at a doggie which is interested in dog magazines:

But back to bags! After I made some last week Birgit and me went to our parents' place for the weekend. My parents have a lovely garden and I hoped for nice weather so I could take photos oft the bags in their garden. Friday and saturday sucked. The weather wasn't really bad but no proper sunshine.  I prefer sunshine because the light and atmosphere are a lot more relaxing. Sunday compensated though. For lunch our aunt and cousin with his girlfriend and baby son were invited for lunch. We had a lovely BBQ and went from lunch to coffee and spent all afternoon in the garden. 

After lunch I wanted to take the photos. Some years ago our dad built a little bridge over the "trench" in our garden. Why we have a trench in our garden? Don't ask! Endless story! Anyways, we have a cute little bridge surrounded by trees. The trees filter the light and create a lovely atmosphere. I wanted Birgit to sit on the bridge and just put the bag next to her. So far, so good. Somehow my dog Edmund like the scene and decided to join Birgit.

Well, first I didn't mind since it looked funny and my bags are meant to be fun so a cute couldn't hurt. I took some shots to adjust the settings ..... 

.....then Edmund really seemed to relax ......... and joyfully licked (a chewed!) his "private parts"

Our giggling on the bridge caught the interest of my cousin's one-year old son. He just learned to walk came over to the bridge and kept Birgit busy....

... and apparently liked my bag so much that he tried to steal it:

I gave in to the fun and we played together. The photo session was postponed to later that afternoon. I'm quite happy with the result and hope to start listing the bags some time during this week. 

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