Friday, May 28, 2010

My Italian Escape


Since monday evening I'm in Bologna/Italy. My boyfriend lives here so I come down here every now and then. Actually I wanted to write this post some days ago but I guess the lovely sunshine kept me from writing.
My trip started with a self initiated thrill at the airport. As I had to kill four hours at Frankfurt Airport I wanted to work on some of my crochet flower appliques. The yarn should not be problem to get through security check. I wasn't sure about the crochet hook though. So I didn't pack my favorite hook (in case they wouldn't let me take in on board). Instead I packed a different one, which I could buy again easily (in contrast to my favorite hook, which I found in my grandma's old sewing basket). Last, but not least I had to pack a pair scissors. Here I was very sure I am not allowed to take these through security check. I considered my options. Tearing the yarn was not option as I use cotton twist, which just cannot be torn. I searched my room for a cheap pair of scissors, which could be discarded in the worst case. But how to get them through security check? I could put them in my bag openly and then point out how harmless they are and that I could have done a lot more damage with my door key. My experience told me discussions are daunting and often meant to lose and should be avoided in the first place. So I went though my hand luggage to find a spot to place the scissors to maybe hide them (although I was sure they'd be detected when my stuff was scanned). I decided to place them in the back pocket of Moleskine journal. If they'd be found I could still I forgot to take them out. The journal itself is wrapped in a knitted sleeve I made some time ago to prevent it from looking worn. It's no master piece, but I do like it:

With the scissors packed into back of journal, the journal wrapped into the knitted sleeve and the sleeved stuffed into my overloaded hand luggage I approached the security check and handed over my stuff to be scanned. And of course it happened, what was supposed to happen (anything else would have worried me). The lady, who scanned my stuff detected the scissors. She called her boss, an older guy. He came over to me and told me there are scissors somewhere in my bag. I put on my most innocent face and asked him "oh really? where are they?". So I opened my bag and let me look for them. I looked into the little pouch with my pens, checked my makeup pouch, shuffled everything upside down and did not find the scissors. I suggest to scan the bag again (being cooperative is always a good sign of innocence, isn't it). He scanned my bag again and triumphantly declared he found the scissors. So he opened my bag again I tried to find the spot where he just saw the scissors on the screen.... but he did not find them. He just did not open knitted sleeve (and I felt no urge to suggest that). I'm not even sure whether he realized that this is pocket. I believe, he took it as a weird cushion. So he told me to pack up my stuff and catch my flight. They are small scissors after all. Yay! I may keep my scissors. I do look harmless enough to have scissors with me! Success! I really used the time at Frankfurt Airport to get busy. This is what my little work space looked like: 

When I finally arrived in Bologna I was stunned by the temperature. After weeks (which are feeling like years) of horrible weather I completely forgot about the fact that there might be different conditions in different areas. My first thought was that I did not really pack for temperatures above 20°C. It turned out that I wouldn't really need many summer clothes. No, the weather did change to "german conditions", but I found myself with a couple of t-shirts and a thin trousers well dressed. Most time of my stay I occupied the garden. What a lovely place to work on appliques, read or just surf the internet! 

Today was different though. After breakfast Francesco (my boyfriend) suggest to have a walk in the city center. I found this very odd since he avoids it whenever he can. I'm happy about the suggestion though. I had a lovely day and actually the chance to take one of my handmade purses for a walk. We went to the city center by bus and then walked around a little. I was strong enough not to enter this cute little fabric shop we passed by. Then we walked to my most favorite shop. A shop of which I don't know the name. It is a boutique of dog accessories. Thus it is heaven for me. Don't get me wrong. My dog does not run around fancily dressed. Though I do like to get him fun toys, unique leashes, comfy beds and stylish transport boxes. My dog is still a dog, but a dog with his very own style. This time I didn't buy any toys though. My poor dog had an accident some days ago and his paw got squeezed and bruised and a claw got torn out. So I just bought some fun snacks to comfort him (or rather to comfort me and calm my bad conscience). He is looking pretty pathetic, isn't he: 

After the stop at the dog boutique we walked on to my favorite ice cream place. I believe it is called "Stefino". I love, love, love their ice cream. I apologize for the bad photos. I took them with my phone and its camera isn't helpful at all. 

Finally, we walked to the street market. Actually, we didn't want to go there but somehow we ended up strolling through it. Nice clothes, nice shoes but I didn't lose myself... until I came across a little booth with fabric. I didn't spend a fortune (I had the weight of my luggage in mind). So I just bought one meter of blue/white checkered fabric. I think I'll just for lining small purses. 

Well, I believe that is it. I didn't get anything done today, but had a great day anyways. 


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