Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sock Travels London and Kathrin Sews Dewdrop Handbags

I'm actually back from London. The volcano decided not release more ash until I was back home. Pity. I wouldn't have minded some more days in London.

Anyways, we (my mum, my little cousin, the sock and me) had a great time. Rain only hit us on our last day so most of the time we actually had dry, but hurting feet. The sock's feet (?) were fine though. It only lost one eye. Oh, I didn't really say what "the sock" is all about!

Actually, it is pretty simple:

I borrowed a travel backpack from a friend. The night before we left I started to pack and went through all pockets of the backpack. In one tiny pocket I found a single sock. I showed it to Birgit and she suggested I should take the sock with me (since the sock was in the backpack we assumed it wanted to travel to London, too). Birgit handed me two plastic eyes and I attached them to the sock and we also added a little hat (a respirator). So this is what it looked like (I know, bad photo quality):

I took the time to make a "home" for the sock: a little paper bag. No big effort. I just printed "Sock Gone Wild" on a little paper bag:

I did my very best to take as many photos as possible with the sock. At times I felt a little weird standing in a crowd posing with the sock on my hand. The sock got around a lot: 


Unfortunately it lost one eye. I believe the eye got lost at Heathrow airport when I searched my handbag for my ID card. 

Even though I was sad to leave London, I looked forward to start sewing again. Since my sewing machine is still waiting to be fixed, Birgit gave me her old GDR sewing machine (which is just as good as a new one). As pointed out in the previous post, I altered the pattern of the reversible bag. Now it is about twice as big and with longer straps. This is the result: 

My next sewing project was real fun. I came across and instantly fell in love with the Dewdrop Handbags. I made two bags. The first one looks kinda out of shape. I'm more happy with the second one. Still, the seams are not sewn tidily. I'm still working on that. Anyways, I do love them and will make more of them!

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